Vietnamese electrical equipment: Potentials, opportunities and challenges


The international conference “Vietnam’s electrical equipment industry in front of potentials, opportunities and challenges” was organized to share information between businesses and policy makers to boost the electric equipment market Vietnam in the near future.

Upgrade and improve technology

According to Vietnam Electricity Group, our country’s electricity system is facing a situation of supply less than demand. Therefore, the Government has approved the National Electricity Development Plan for the period of 2011-2020, with a vision to 2030 (electricity planning 7) with the goal of providing enough electricity demand for economic development and ensuring protect social life. The biggest change in power planning 7 is that it no longer follows the demand for electricity consumption at all costs, but emphasizes the goal of upgrading and improving technology to use electricity effectively: from production to consume. Investment capital demand from now to 2020 is 48.8 billion USD, to bring the capacity of the source to 75,000 MW, 3.5 times higher than the current time and from 2021 to 2030, it is necessary to invest 75 billion USD and bring the total power output to 148,800 MW.

In particular, the target of Vietnam’s electric equipment industry in the 2010-2025 period is to prioritize the production of medium-voltage dry transformers and transmission transformers of 110KV and 220KV, transformers of up to 250MVA-220KV. ; meeting 50-60% of demand for 110 KV-220 KV transformers in 2015; developing large-capacity engines, high-voltage engines and hydroelectric generators up to 50MW; ensuring 55-65% of domestic demand by 2015, exports of 35-40% of the industry’s production value; invest in the production of electronic meters, electric tools, metering, monitoring, safety net systems, medium and high-voltage electric tools, cabinets, electric panels and full set of station equipment electricity.

The goal to 2015 is to focus on producing high quality electric wires and cables, ensuring export turnover of 35.5% / year; producing line accessories, especially accessories for high voltage lines up to 220kV, serving the national grid development program. However, according to EVN, in order to implement the plan in each stage of the General Plan, it poses a big challenge for electricity enterprises but also opens up new potentials and opportunities

Preferential policies

Deputy Director of Heavy Industry Department (Ministry of Industry and Trade) Pham Anh Tuan said that although Vietnam has made remarkable achievements in manufacturing electric equipment, it is still facing many difficulties and challenges. in the development process. That is the lack of capital for intensive investment, technological innovation and new investment; lack of research and development forces, design teams are inexperienced; lack of chief engineers or chief engineers for projects to manufacture complete equipment for power plants; force skilled workers to participate in manufacturing power plant equipment.

In order to orient the development of Vietnam’s electric equipment manufacturing industry, the Prime Minister issued Decision 186 / QD-TTg. Specifically, building a modern electrical equipment manufacturing industry, by 2020, it will reach the regional advanced level of electric equipment and electrical materials industry; new investment, intensive investment of electric equipment with advanced technology to quickly improve the capacity of manufacturing electrical equipment, improve the competitiveness of products, meet most of domestic demand, replace the imported equipment, boosting export of products to regional and world markets. In the immediate future, it is necessary to invest deeply and expand the production of existing establishments in order to produce transformers of up to 125 MVA, 220 kV voltage, distribution and transmission equipment for the electricity industry. , pressure equipment and other electrical equipment for industry and civil

In addition, the Government also issued Decision No. 10/2009 / QD-TTg on mechanisms to support investment projects to manufacture equipment for hydropower plants, thermal power plants, products such as transformers. from 220KVA or more, all equipment of 220 KV or higher transformer stations shall enjoy preferential policies on investment credit, demand stimulus, research and development investment, tax charges … Two This decision is an important legal basis for developing Vietnam’s electrical equipment industry.

Preferential policies of Decision 10/2009 / QD-TTg will create opportunities for Vietnamese electric equipment industries to improve production capacity, expand domestic and foreign markets, and contribute a positive part in the country’s industrialization and modernization